Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Monday

I recently became aware of the term "black monday" with its "turkey dumps" ie the weeks around the holidays have statistically the highest likelihood of splitting with your significant other. (Want proof? Facebook tells all-check out this fantastic infographic ). While this fact made my single-heart pretty sad, it also made me think about how the holidays can put a strain on all sorts of relationships. Family time can be filled with joy, but sometimes tension, as the pressures of pulling off that perfect holiday soiree build. The Holidays are often a time when we break up with ourselves. Ok, while You can't totally break up with you, but you can have a very miserable, abuse relationship.We might stuff our body with too much food one day, and then starve it the next. Getting shaken out of the comfort of home workout routines and eating schedules, as well as many holiday commitments can put quite the strain on your relationships with YOU! Maybe you spend too much time pleasing others without worrying about putting "me" first. Let this serve as a gentle reminder to break this Black Monday trend!

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.- Oscar Wilde
you deserve to not by guilt-ridden and tormented by YOU
you deserve Love from YOU
you deserve Respect from YOU
you deserve to be nurtured and supported by YOU

Don't let the holidays break up your relationship with yourself! Bathe in self love and respect, and watch all the other tensions of the holidays fall into place!

Are the holidays an easy or difficult time for you to remember to care for yourself?

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