Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guiltless Thanks


I breathe a deep thank you every morning to those people and things that have shaped my life. A thanks to my mentors, teachers, friends, supporters, family, acquaintances, to have taught me so much, and whom I continue to learn from everyday. For a warm bed, cozy comforter, in a wonderful apartment, with a sizable kitchen, IKEA (blood and sweat) furniture and a fantastic roommate. For a body that runs, crunches, dances, spins and twirls. For nourishing food in my fridge, and warm coffee in the morning. For a determination that burns bright inside me, and blatant optimism. For the constant inspiration that the world provides from a myriad of sources. Thank YOU.


To know what it feels like to have a family to count on and love unconditionally...
A blessing I vow to never take for granted.
To know what it feels like to have true life-long friends...
A bond that's inexplicable and indestructible.
To know what it feels like to truly love someone...
And to be truly loved in return.

For those who inspire me and continue to shape my life.

For my body and all the miles it has covered and all the loved ones it has hugged.

For the ability to spread joy with words and actions.

For the amazing people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with in this life.

For the laughing & crying, reading & writing, singing & dancing, running & sleeping, cooking & eating, and for wanting to shout at the top of my well-used lungs:

That these are the things that I am grateful for every day of my life.

Life is short. This is true. But it has the potential to be oh so sweet...

Have a Happy, Guiltless Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am thankful for the both of you working so hard on MSDA, but also for sharing your informative and inspirational thoughts.

    Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Much love,