Monday, November 1, 2010


Hopefully you're Halloween didn't leave you guilt-ridden. For some of us it can be a difficult holiday, as candy lies hiding at every step, and pressures of finding the perfect costume, or dressing your kids in the cutest little costume becomes overwhelming. As a college student it's a race to find a costume that is unique, creative, maybe attractive, most likely sexual in nature. This year I decided to be the Phoenix from Kanye West's Runaway video. and amazingly, playing the part of a Victoria's Secret model, in the film of a man whose overall respect for women can't really be applauded, was extremely liberating. I am no Selita Ebanks, but crafting a costume, and getting all dolled up was an absolute joy. The night reminded me of this quote I read from another "angel":

"What is a bombshell? Its a sexy energy that comes from inside"
-Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria's Secret model

So like a phoenix rising, I stepped out this Halloween, appreciating my body for what it was. Knowing that I would never be a model, but that I have a beauty within me that burns bright.
I think my sister Cora said it very well on her blog:
This Halloween has already taught me so much about life. Will I stay home? Feeling safe and small, but a little restless, knowing there is something more out there for me? Or will I join this amazing party that is LIFE? Dressed to the nines and ready for the magic, miracles, and okay maybe the challenges that might occur?
Absolutely! My RSVP is YES!

I truly think we can transfer this confident energy throughout the year. Life is one big party and I hope your rsvp is a huge YES!! Let's start this new month a brand new foot, and embrace the bombshell in all of us!

How does Halloween make you feel? Do you enjoy dressing up, trying on other masks and seeing the show that the world puts on? What is a bombshell to you? When do you feel most attractive?


  1. Hey there bombshell!! Thanks Elizabeth for this gorgeous writing AND for embracing your Gorgeous Self. You are a true Goddess in every sense of the word and I am so grateful that we are family!

  2. You ARE a bombshell, girl! And you are a phoenix who dares to rise up from the ash! Love it. Great post, my dear. And fab costume, by the way.