Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Love in 140 characters

Monica of @dearnutrition decided to express her self love in 140 characters for a week! We Loved this idea and decided to post her tweets here. She is a fabulous young RD with a great blog, I suggest you check it out!
  • today a customer told me she loves my "radiant smile." I'll have to love it too! :)
  • I love the high arches of my feet. Make me feel like a Barbie!
  • Today: I love the natural waves of my hair!
  • Day 5 . I love my thighs! Proof of my years of playing basketball and dancing. @
  • Day 6 #selflove I love the color of my skin. A true #Filipina indeed! @iamguiltless
Then she shared this great song:

How do you remind yourself you are beautiful? Have you joined the guiltless challenge?

1 comment:

  1. Aww! I love this. Thank you so much, Monica. I'm feeling so inspired about our message. It's such an amazing thing that we are all connected by this one quest: to eventually appreciate ourselves and feel comfortable in our skin always. Great song. Thanks again!