Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Monday

I recently became aware of the term "black monday" with its "turkey dumps" ie the weeks around the holidays have statistically the highest likelihood of splitting with your significant other. (Want proof? Facebook tells all-check out this fantastic infographic ). While this fact made my single-heart pretty sad, it also made me think about how the holidays can put a strain on all sorts of relationships. Family time can be filled with joy, but sometimes tension, as the pressures of pulling off that perfect holiday soiree build. The Holidays are often a time when we break up with ourselves. Ok, while You can't totally break up with you, but you can have a very miserable, abuse relationship.We might stuff our body with too much food one day, and then starve it the next. Getting shaken out of the comfort of home workout routines and eating schedules, as well as many holiday commitments can put quite the strain on your relationships with YOU! Maybe you spend too much time pleasing others without worrying about putting "me" first. Let this serve as a gentle reminder to break this Black Monday trend!

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.- Oscar Wilde
you deserve to not by guilt-ridden and tormented by YOU
you deserve Love from YOU
you deserve Respect from YOU
you deserve to be nurtured and supported by YOU

Don't let the holidays break up your relationship with yourself! Bathe in self love and respect, and watch all the other tensions of the holidays fall into place!

Are the holidays an easy or difficult time for you to remember to care for yourself?

Friday, November 26, 2010

We are thankful for you! And you are thankful for...

I loved and agree 100% with this Wall Street Journal article that compiled psychology research to find:
Adults who frequently feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections and more happiness than those who do not, according to studies conducted over the past decade. They're also less likely to be depressed, envious, greedy or alcoholics. They earn more money, sleep more soundly, exercise more regularly and have greater resistance to viral infections.
So let's give thanks!!

We asked you this week what you are thankful for in your life. We received so many thoughtful, poignant posts, we just had to share them. In the spirit of the holiday season, here is what you said!

Things I am thankful for:

  1. Coffee on Monday mornings- actually every morning but especially Mondays
  2. My bed’s down pillow top- so good; possibly the reason I need so much coffee to pull myself out of bed
  3. I have not traveled as much as I would like yet, so I have lots and lots of exploration and adventure left in my life
-Richie Ferrari

I am thankful for my incredible boyfriend
I am thankful for my amazing friends.
I am thankful for my family's health.

-Lisa Frissora


I am thankful for my fantastic friends and family. -Liz Capone
Have I told you about The Coffee Man on Newbury Street?

I gave a homeless man on my block a package of Starbucks Via instant coffees last week.
My morning routine sends me by his block every morning after the gym and on my way to begin my work day. Every morning he approaches me with his 10-second pitch: he is trying to get a cup of coffee and needs just one more quarter. I have looked straight ahead and walked right by this man for months. Not only did I ignore him, but he actually bugged me--I was bothered that before I could even begin the work day that I was rushing to get to, another person was standing stagnant on my corner, begging me to give up my own hard-earned quarters. One day it infuriated me so much that I ran a quick calculation; if I'd given this man one quarter every day for as long as we've shared a block in the Back Bay, I would have given him over 300 dollars. $300 dollars! I may as well go and buy him that pink cashmere Burberry scarf I've been saving for!

Last week, something changed. I believe it's as simple as this: for the first time, I caught the look in his eye when I shook my head "no" and kept walking. It wasn't anger or annoyance or defeat. He just looked ashamed.

Here was a man who wanted just a cup of coffee, a important ritual and part of every single day for me that I take absurdly for granted. I went back and gave him a dollar and a handful of Via instant coffee packets from my kitchen cabinet, something I'd imagine would be very useful for a homeless person: the chances of landing just a plain cup of hot water to mix it in on a cold day are probably good.

So, what am I thankful for?

Coffee. Yes, absolutely. But also a warm bed. Clothes on my back. That I was born into a life equipped with the basic provisions I needed to worry about bigger things than how I will land that last quarter for my cup of coffee today.

-Katy Rais


I’m grateful for many things: my health, my family, the good fortune to live in this country and to have had so many wonderful people cross my path through life.

-Andres Branger


I am thankful to have my Dietetic Internship placement!
I am thankful for all the wonderful girls in my nutrition program I have met I am thankful for having such a supportive and loving family

-Keating Simons


Place your hand over your heart and connect to your inner self. Speak from your heart and give thanks :)
-Stephanie Cantillo


I am thankful for being left handed, my family and friends, and that I live in a blue state.

-Phillip Spinks


I am SO thankful for all the incredible women in my life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by strong, confident and beautiful women every day. From school, the rowing community, my GUILTLESS buddies, and at home, a better support network I could not ask for!

-Amanda Milad


I am thankful that I have freedom with food and will be intuitively eating at Thanksgiving this year. I am also thankful to have a wonderful and loving family
-Janet Zimmerman


I am Thankful for finding where I belong in the world, and that is thanks to my friends, families, and teachers

- Mariel Boomgaardt

1. I am thankful for my education 2. I am thankful for my family 3. I am thankful for true friends and true love -Cynthia Dorta

1. i am thankful for my loving family, my caring boyfriend, and my beautiful friends. _Kara Lydon
I am thankful for all the people in my life that matter most: my family; my friends, old and new (and all the fab. people I've meant since starting Gourmet Recipes for One) and for being able to do what I love most each and every day: cook. -Karen Covey
1.The opportunity to pursue (and finish!) my MS along with 7 other amazing women
2. For my comfortable, beautiful living space that makes me feel lucky every day
3. My supportive husband who makes me laugh all the time
4. Our two cats, Henry and Hagrid, who have more personality and charm than I lot of humans I've met
.... Can I keep going!?......
-Callie Gordon

Thank you and have a fantastic week!
What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guiltless Thanks


I breathe a deep thank you every morning to those people and things that have shaped my life. A thanks to my mentors, teachers, friends, supporters, family, acquaintances, to have taught me so much, and whom I continue to learn from everyday. For a warm bed, cozy comforter, in a wonderful apartment, with a sizable kitchen, IKEA (blood and sweat) furniture and a fantastic roommate. For a body that runs, crunches, dances, spins and twirls. For nourishing food in my fridge, and warm coffee in the morning. For a determination that burns bright inside me, and blatant optimism. For the constant inspiration that the world provides from a myriad of sources. Thank YOU.


To know what it feels like to have a family to count on and love unconditionally...
A blessing I vow to never take for granted.
To know what it feels like to have true life-long friends...
A bond that's inexplicable and indestructible.
To know what it feels like to truly love someone...
And to be truly loved in return.

For those who inspire me and continue to shape my life.

For my body and all the miles it has covered and all the loved ones it has hugged.

For the ability to spread joy with words and actions.

For the amazing people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with in this life.

For the laughing & crying, reading & writing, singing & dancing, running & sleeping, cooking & eating, and for wanting to shout at the top of my well-used lungs:

That these are the things that I am grateful for every day of my life.

Life is short. This is true. But it has the potential to be oh so sweet...

Have a Happy, Guiltless Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week of Thanks

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."
~ Sophia Loren

We want to say a huge Guiltless Thank You to all our readers, our contributors, our role models, the changing face of beauty. To YOU for your constant inspiration. Like Summer said, enlightenment is a constant state of gratitude.
As Thanksgiving comes near we are taking this week to give thanks. On Wednesday Steph and Elizabeth will be listing a few of the many things they are thankful for, and we would LOVE for you to share what you are thankful for as well! We will publish a list of Thanks the day after Thanksgiving!

Leave a comment here of one (or two or ten) things you are thankful for today!
Tweet: @iamguiltless I am Thankful for _______ #givethanks
Leave a comment on our Facebook Fan Page of something you are thankful for!

Thank you for giving us a podium upon which to share our love for life, food, our bodies, our souls, our joy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love My Eyes

The Lovely Emily Saltzberg

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's all about "Me Movement"

By: Stephanie Horton

Motion is deep within me

I move with the rails

With the planes

I move with the rising steps to see

The next level come into view

And feel its ecstasy

-Scott Mutter

I couldn't agree more with Rebecca Scritchfield's "Me Movement." It's focused on keeping us all happy and healthy during this holiday season - but I am pledging to keep it going throughout every season of life. If you're like me, it's easy to let yourself disappear in someone or something other than yourself...You become passionate about a cause and hold on to that cause like it's your last breath - you squeeze it like a boa constrictor - until finally, you realize it's actually what is causing the suffocation. When you do this, you lose sight of who you truly are - and this can suck the happy right out of you. It's imperative to keep sight of what's important to you and to put effort into these things, but the most crucial part about doing this is making sure you don't forget about yourself. With that being said, I couldn't be happier to join Rebecca's cause and share some of my own goals.

Here's the pledge...

For my health and wellness, I want to put myself first this holiday season. This year will be different. I am going to take care of myself during this busy (sometimes hectic) time. If that means asking for help, saying “no”, or scheduling “down time,” I will do it. I’m done being over-committed.

  • I pledge to remember how good it feels when I’m taking care of myself. And when I feel good, I am able to take better care of those I love.
  • I pledge to keep in mind that social situations are about the companionship, as much as the delicious food and drinks. I want to enjoy foods that look and taste good while respecting my body’s “fullness” and “satisfied” signals. I won’t judge myself if I ate “too much” of the holiday foods that don’t come around that often.
  • I pledge to stay in tune with what my body needs, whether that’s food, rest, exercise, or sleep.

My well-being is my priority. The goals below reflect the healthiest ways I know how to meet my own needs.

What are three things you can do to make sure your wellness needs are met this holiday season? You may want to choose one goal for each of these areas: nutrition, exercise and stress management. Or maybe you want to focus on just one or two areas. These goals are meant to be personal for you! Hang this pledge somewhere you will see it on a daily basis as a reminder of your commitment to honoring your health.

Goal 1: I will never feel guilty or stress out about doing things that make me happy.

Goal 2: I will exercise my body and my mind every day in order to strengthen both.

Goal 3: I will make the time to get organized in my apartment, my finances, and my books/notes from the last 2 and 1/2 years of school.


Signature Stephanie Horton

Date: 11/16/10


Share your pledge with us! What are the ways you personally create happiness in your own life? What makes you feel strong and healthy?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Me First

The theme of this past week has been inspired. After attending FNCE (The American Dietetic Associations annual convention) and being inspired by some amazing RDs, on Friday we attended Grand Rounds at Sargent College. We are lucky that the nutrition department shares space with other Health Sciences, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech therapy and once a semester they gather together and discuss a case for us all to learn from."Our patients are our best teachers" one of the professor's started and we were honored to have Matt there to teach us what it was like living after a Stroke. His resilience, and dedication to trying to restore the activities of daily life, while being Mr. Mom to two small children was so touching. The entire time he kept saying "step by step" "little by little" "One step at a time" If Matt can recover from a very serious stroke and impairment, and work hard to regain his Independence, we all can. It was so wonderful to see the amazing work therapist can do to really make a difference in people's quality of life. Thank you Matt.

Every little step makes a difference, and little by little we can reach our goals.Whether we want to feel comfortable in our bodies, appreciate our beauty, smush fat talk, eat healthier, feel better, it is the little steps towards those goals that matter. You need to listen to your heart, follow it, and remember to put yourself first.

One of my mentors and role models, Rebecca Scritchfield just launched a new initiative called the Me Movement-a way to help you stay healthy and sane this holiday season. She designed a pledge to commit to positive self care through the hectic holiday season. Of course, I signed up asap. I printed out the pledge I made for myself and put it on my desk. Finals are coming up, and I have a funeral, thanksgiving and christmas, all periods when I could start stress eating, over/underexercising or feeling bad. Not this year though! I am committed to having a guilt-free holiday season. I'd love for you to join me! Download the “me” movement pledge (PDF)Feel free to print the pledge and spend some time thinking about what self care habits YOU want to be accountable for this holiday season.

The "me" movement

For my health and wellness, I want to put myself first this holiday season. This year will be different. I am going to take care of myself during this busy (sometimes hectic) time. If that means asking for help, saying “no”, or scheduling “down time,” I will do it. I’m done being overcommitted.

  • I pledge to remember how good it feels when I’m taking care of myself. And when I feel good, I am able to take better care of those I love.
  • I pledge to keep in mind that social situations are about the companionship, as much as the delicious food and drinks. I want to enjoy foods that look and taste good while respecting my body’s “fullness” and “satisfied” signals. I won’t judge myself if I ate “too much” of the holiday foods that don’t come around that often.
  • I pledge to stay in tune with what my body needs, whether that’s food, rest, exercise, or sleep.

My well-being is my priority. The goals below reflect the healthiest ways I know how to meet my own needs.

What are three things you can do to make sure your wellness needs are met this holiday season? You may want to choose one goal for each of these areas: nutrition, exercise and stress management. Or maybe you want to focus on just one or two areas. These goals are meant to be personal for you! Hang this pledge somewhere you will see it on a daily basis as a reminder of your commitment to honoring your health.

Goal 1: I will dedicate 20 minutes of every day for “me” time. This can not be in front of a screen-I will use this time to read a book for pleasure, collage, or meditate.

Goal 2: I will get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Goal 3: I will incorporate more yoga into my workouts, for balance, flexibility and peace of mind.


Signature Elizabeth Jarrard Date 11/11/10

Need some ideas for your own pledge? Check out this list!

What are you inspired by right now? Are the holidays a stressful time for you? Would you consider signing the pledge and putting yourself first this holiday season? Guiltless is right here with you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I love my belly

Thank you Summer. Have a guiltless weekend all!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's getting chilly out there...

by: Stephanie Horton

First and foremost, Congratulations to our Guiltless Giveaway Winner: Rachel Chemerynski! We hope you have a fabulous night at The Liberty Hotel for Lunafest, and we'd love to hear about how it goes!

This week, I am thinking about the cold weather. Every year, the winter rolls in, and my motivation to do pretty much anything besides watch movies on the couch or read books in bed rolls right on out (See Mike's Post on Night Cheese....I AM Tina Fey in that picture come the cold weather). I don't think I'm alone in this predicament.

Something about the cold outside makes it feel natural to want to stay nice and cozy inside! But every year around this time, I start to work out less and I start to crave macaroni & cheese or lasagna or pizza, etc much more.

Every year I tell myself that I'll make a schedule and stick to it, and no matter WHAT, I will go to the gym at this specific time and I will eat tons of veggies and absolutely no desserts! Bahahaha. Not. Gonna. Happen. (Even dietitians-to-be have to work extra hard to stay on track, especially during this time of year.) So what can we do to allow ourselves to have these feelings of laziness during the winter without sacrificing our lovely guiltless mind set?

Here are a few things I am going to try this season. Want to try them with me?

1.) Staying Social: Ordering pizza and watching a movie is much more fun when you're enjoying it with someone you're close to. Plus, if you're engaged in conversation, you'll probably eat one less slice...Also, there's never telling when a spontaneous dance party will erupt, and there ya have it! Dancing, Calorie burning AND staying in the comfort of your own pizza.

2.) Alarm Setting: On an especially busy day, try to set aside 20-30 minutes to do absolutely nothing. I'll set the alarm on my phone, take a quick cat nap, and hopefully wake up refreshed and motivated. It's important to give yourself some "me-time" during the day to recharge. Of course, this could turn into "just 20 more minutes," so you have to make sure you stick to your plan.

3.) Find work-outs I look forward to: This one is rather easy for me, because I have Phyllis...the most incredible trainer who knows how to keep workouts exciting and effective. However, if you don't have a Phyllis, search around this month for classes you love or maybe new exercises like Pilates or Yoga that might inspire you. Or maybe you can splurge a little on winter athletic wear. Playing in the snow is always more fun when you do it in style. If you're looking forward to the work out, it's much easier to put off couch lounging.

4.) Get back in the kitchen: One of my favorite things to do is cook hearty winter soups and stews during the winter. They fill up the house with an enticing aroma, and they are fun to share! Stay tuned on Food For Real for some of my favorite healthy winter recipes. Cooking a healthy meal that lasts all week always beats ordering in...and if you feel like staying in, cooking is a fun activity.

5.) Get enough sleep: This is a tough one, especially for me. Not because I don't get enough sleep, but because during the winter, I feel like I could always sleep more. Is this some kind of evolutionary trait I've carried on? Cave-woman hibernation instincts of some sort? Who knows? But I vow this winter to try to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night which will hopefully help me combat the afternoon "motivated-only-to-nap" blues.

So there you have it!

Would you like to share any of your tips on how to stay motivated (or at least how to stay on track) when the winter weather gets the best of you? We always love hearing from you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guiltless Giveaway!

Elizabeth here! It's been a whirlwind weekend at FNCE-the annual convention of Registered Dietitians, held in Boston this year. I've been meeting RDs that inspire me daily, real role models and mentors in my life. The sessions have been educational, conversations superb. I have a lot of thinking, and digesting to do in the next couple of days!. But I am very excited to announce the First Ever Guiltless Giveaway!!!! There is a fantastic event coming to Boston this week and we were asked if one of our readers would like a pair of tickets. We thought you'd be interested so we're hosting a Giveaway! Unfortunately it's only for those who are free November 10th, at 7pm in Boston, but we have two tickets to LUNAFEST! First more info on the event:

LUNAFEST is coming to Boston!!! Lunafest is similar to other traveling indie film festivals except one's films by, for and about women! You will find the films offered unique, artistic efforts by female directors, producers and writers, who are under-represented in the world of film. And, it's the feel-good event of the season. Add on some dessert and drinks, and it will be the best night out you've had in awhile.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 @ 7pm




Post-show reception in the Rotunda includes open bar (wine & beer), dessert, door prizes

More information can be found here

In case you've never been the Liberty Hotel is FANTASTIC. It's going to be a stellar event and I'm so bummed I can't be there. A few ground rules:

All entries must be in by 6pm Tuesday 11/09/10.

Only enter if you can attend the event in Boston at 7pm on 10/10/10

1 entry per comment below

1 entry per tweet (you can copy n paste " @iamguiltless is giving away 2 tickets to #LUNAFEST #BOSTON Enter at " )

Best of Luck-Here's to a guiltless week!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Love in 140 characters

Monica of @dearnutrition decided to express her self love in 140 characters for a week! We Loved this idea and decided to post her tweets here. She is a fabulous young RD with a great blog, I suggest you check it out!
  • today a customer told me she loves my "radiant smile." I'll have to love it too! :)
  • I love the high arches of my feet. Make me feel like a Barbie!
  • Today: I love the natural waves of my hair!
  • Day 5 . I love my thighs! Proof of my years of playing basketball and dancing. @
  • Day 6 #selflove I love the color of my skin. A true #Filipina indeed! @iamguiltless
Then she shared this great song:

How do you remind yourself you are beautiful? Have you joined the guiltless challenge?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglass

by: Stephanie Horton

Chocolate is one of my favorite things. And when chocolate is one of your favorite things, it's not easy to resist. And despite what popular media may have told you, chocolate is not "healthy" due to it's antioxidant content. (Please, I WISH!) It does contain some antioxidants but has only been scientifically proven to have cardiovascular benefits in the elderly in very small doses. So unless you're 80 years old and nibbling on a 1" piece of dark chocolate every other day, chocolate is still an indulgence.

So why in the world am I writing about it? Because yesterday, I had a "chocolate breakdown" and I was not "guiltless" about it. I was pretty stressed out over an exam in Metabolic Regulation...this stress resulted in stress-chocolate-eating which resulted in the consumption of one candy bar followed by a mini chocolate pumpkin (yes, it was cute). Normally, I am great about indulging in basically whatever I want, but there was something different about it this time. I wasn't doing it to enjoy it...I was doing it because I was stressed out! And there is a big difference here, and I think this might be a major key to being "Guiltless."

Take a look at these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Steph comes home from a long day at school and needs a break. She decides to walk up to the square in her neighborhood and buy a cappuccino and a few gourmet chocolates from the specialty chocolate store. She enjoys both in the comfort of her own home, probably watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy or reading a magazine. Later that evening, she whips up a healthy dinner and enjoys a glass of wine with a friend...feeling great

Scenario 2: Steph is sitting across the table from her study-partner Sarah, and she feels like ripping her hair out. She can't remember if the liver can oxidize ketones! (They can't, by the way). She spots a Musketeers candy bar in the vending machine to her right. Suddenly, a single dollar bill flies out of her wallet, into the vending machine, and within the blink of an eye, that candy bar wrapper is empty. She feels ok about the exam, but during the next class, she's having a tough time paying attention, because she's having a bit of a sugar withdrawal. She spots a pumpkin chocolate, and takes one b/c this might help her focus a little better. She gets out of class at 8:30, is home by 9:00 and has a few cocktails for dinner...not feeling so great.

What's the main difference here? STRESS. Learning how to cope with stress is a huge part of feeling good about ourselves, and I don't think I realized this until I observed my own behavior last night. How can we feel guiltless about our choices if we allow our emotions to make the decisions? Instead of shoving the candy bar in my face, I should have acknowledged my stress and determined whether I really was hungry or if maybe I just needed to take a breather. And if I was hungry, I had an apple in my bag! The mindlessness of my snacking is what made me feel guilty last night...It wasn't the chocolate's fault! (I still love you, Chocolate).

A few months back, I wrote a post on Food For Real about our relationships with food. Along the same line of thought, I also wrote a post on why we eat (reasons other than being hungry). One thing I wrote was, "I am a tried and true study/stress eater. During finals and midterms, it’s nearly impossible for me to sit down for a long study session without snacking." Yup! I continue to give snacking advice, saying that it's best to snack on low cal foods like grapes and veggies, etc. But I think that there is something else that must be acknowledged here. It's not the food choices that we need to work on (though this is certainly one of the puzzle pieces)'s how we manage our stress. After we get a handle on that, the better choices will roll into place.

This is all part of our quest toward mindful eating. It really is a journey, and as we can see from my night last night, there are some bumps in the road here and there. But it's good to have obstacles once in a while, because it helps us reflect on the things that matter to us.

What's your breakdown scenario? What's your take on mindful eating and stress?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hopefully you're Halloween didn't leave you guilt-ridden. For some of us it can be a difficult holiday, as candy lies hiding at every step, and pressures of finding the perfect costume, or dressing your kids in the cutest little costume becomes overwhelming. As a college student it's a race to find a costume that is unique, creative, maybe attractive, most likely sexual in nature. This year I decided to be the Phoenix from Kanye West's Runaway video. and amazingly, playing the part of a Victoria's Secret model, in the film of a man whose overall respect for women can't really be applauded, was extremely liberating. I am no Selita Ebanks, but crafting a costume, and getting all dolled up was an absolute joy. The night reminded me of this quote I read from another "angel":

"What is a bombshell? Its a sexy energy that comes from inside"
-Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria's Secret model

So like a phoenix rising, I stepped out this Halloween, appreciating my body for what it was. Knowing that I would never be a model, but that I have a beauty within me that burns bright.
I think my sister Cora said it very well on her blog:
This Halloween has already taught me so much about life. Will I stay home? Feeling safe and small, but a little restless, knowing there is something more out there for me? Or will I join this amazing party that is LIFE? Dressed to the nines and ready for the magic, miracles, and okay maybe the challenges that might occur?
Absolutely! My RSVP is YES!

I truly think we can transfer this confident energy throughout the year. Life is one big party and I hope your rsvp is a huge YES!! Let's start this new month a brand new foot, and embrace the bombshell in all of us!

How does Halloween make you feel? Do you enjoy dressing up, trying on other masks and seeing the show that the world puts on? What is a bombshell to you? When do you feel most attractive?