Monday, November 15, 2010

Me First

The theme of this past week has been inspired. After attending FNCE (The American Dietetic Associations annual convention) and being inspired by some amazing RDs, on Friday we attended Grand Rounds at Sargent College. We are lucky that the nutrition department shares space with other Health Sciences, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech therapy and once a semester they gather together and discuss a case for us all to learn from."Our patients are our best teachers" one of the professor's started and we were honored to have Matt there to teach us what it was like living after a Stroke. His resilience, and dedication to trying to restore the activities of daily life, while being Mr. Mom to two small children was so touching. The entire time he kept saying "step by step" "little by little" "One step at a time" If Matt can recover from a very serious stroke and impairment, and work hard to regain his Independence, we all can. It was so wonderful to see the amazing work therapist can do to really make a difference in people's quality of life. Thank you Matt.

Every little step makes a difference, and little by little we can reach our goals.Whether we want to feel comfortable in our bodies, appreciate our beauty, smush fat talk, eat healthier, feel better, it is the little steps towards those goals that matter. You need to listen to your heart, follow it, and remember to put yourself first.

One of my mentors and role models, Rebecca Scritchfield just launched a new initiative called the Me Movement-a way to help you stay healthy and sane this holiday season. She designed a pledge to commit to positive self care through the hectic holiday season. Of course, I signed up asap. I printed out the pledge I made for myself and put it on my desk. Finals are coming up, and I have a funeral, thanksgiving and christmas, all periods when I could start stress eating, over/underexercising or feeling bad. Not this year though! I am committed to having a guilt-free holiday season. I'd love for you to join me! Download the “me” movement pledge (PDF)Feel free to print the pledge and spend some time thinking about what self care habits YOU want to be accountable for this holiday season.

The "me" movement

For my health and wellness, I want to put myself first this holiday season. This year will be different. I am going to take care of myself during this busy (sometimes hectic) time. If that means asking for help, saying “no”, or scheduling “down time,” I will do it. I’m done being overcommitted.

  • I pledge to remember how good it feels when I’m taking care of myself. And when I feel good, I am able to take better care of those I love.
  • I pledge to keep in mind that social situations are about the companionship, as much as the delicious food and drinks. I want to enjoy foods that look and taste good while respecting my body’s “fullness” and “satisfied” signals. I won’t judge myself if I ate “too much” of the holiday foods that don’t come around that often.
  • I pledge to stay in tune with what my body needs, whether that’s food, rest, exercise, or sleep.

My well-being is my priority. The goals below reflect the healthiest ways I know how to meet my own needs.

What are three things you can do to make sure your wellness needs are met this holiday season? You may want to choose one goal for each of these areas: nutrition, exercise and stress management. Or maybe you want to focus on just one or two areas. These goals are meant to be personal for you! Hang this pledge somewhere you will see it on a daily basis as a reminder of your commitment to honoring your health.

Goal 1: I will dedicate 20 minutes of every day for “me” time. This can not be in front of a screen-I will use this time to read a book for pleasure, collage, or meditate.

Goal 2: I will get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Goal 3: I will incorporate more yoga into my workouts, for balance, flexibility and peace of mind.


Signature Elizabeth Jarrard Date 11/11/10

Need some ideas for your own pledge? Check out this list!

What are you inspired by right now? Are the holidays a stressful time for you? Would you consider signing the pledge and putting yourself first this holiday season? Guiltless is right here with you!

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  1. way to go on your pledge! good luck girl... I'm with you on the sleep need : )