Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's getting chilly out there...

by: Stephanie Horton

First and foremost, Congratulations to our Guiltless Giveaway Winner: Rachel Chemerynski! We hope you have a fabulous night at The Liberty Hotel for Lunafest, and we'd love to hear about how it goes!

This week, I am thinking about the cold weather. Every year, the winter rolls in, and my motivation to do pretty much anything besides watch movies on the couch or read books in bed rolls right on out (See Mike's Post on Night Cheese....I AM Tina Fey in that picture come the cold weather). I don't think I'm alone in this predicament.

Something about the cold outside makes it feel natural to want to stay nice and cozy inside! But every year around this time, I start to work out less and I start to crave macaroni & cheese or lasagna or pizza, etc much more.

Every year I tell myself that I'll make a schedule and stick to it, and no matter WHAT, I will go to the gym at this specific time and I will eat tons of veggies and absolutely no desserts! Bahahaha. Not. Gonna. Happen. (Even dietitians-to-be have to work extra hard to stay on track, especially during this time of year.) So what can we do to allow ourselves to have these feelings of laziness during the winter without sacrificing our lovely guiltless mind set?

Here are a few things I am going to try this season. Want to try them with me?

1.) Staying Social: Ordering pizza and watching a movie is much more fun when you're enjoying it with someone you're close to. Plus, if you're engaged in conversation, you'll probably eat one less slice...Also, there's never telling when a spontaneous dance party will erupt, and there ya have it! Dancing, Calorie burning AND staying in the comfort of your own home...plus pizza.

2.) Alarm Setting: On an especially busy day, try to set aside 20-30 minutes to do absolutely nothing. I'll set the alarm on my phone, take a quick cat nap, and hopefully wake up refreshed and motivated. It's important to give yourself some "me-time" during the day to recharge. Of course, this could turn into "just 20 more minutes," so you have to make sure you stick to your plan.

3.) Find work-outs I look forward to: This one is rather easy for me, because I have Phyllis...the most incredible trainer who knows how to keep workouts exciting and effective. However, if you don't have a Phyllis, search around this month for classes you love or maybe new exercises like Pilates or Yoga that might inspire you. Or maybe you can splurge a little on winter athletic wear. Playing in the snow is always more fun when you do it in style. If you're looking forward to the work out, it's much easier to put off couch lounging.

4.) Get back in the kitchen: One of my favorite things to do is cook hearty winter soups and stews during the winter. They fill up the house with an enticing aroma, and they are fun to share! Stay tuned on Food For Real for some of my favorite healthy winter recipes. Cooking a healthy meal that lasts all week always beats ordering in...and if you feel like staying in, cooking is a fun activity.

5.) Get enough sleep: This is a tough one, especially for me. Not because I don't get enough sleep, but because during the winter, I feel like I could always sleep more. Is this some kind of evolutionary trait I've carried on? Cave-woman hibernation instincts of some sort? Who knows? But I vow this winter to try to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night which will hopefully help me combat the afternoon "motivated-only-to-nap" blues.

So there you have it!

Would you like to share any of your tips on how to stay motivated (or at least how to stay on track) when the winter weather gets the best of you? We always love hearing from you!


  1. Great post. Definitely good tips that everyone can follow! And thanks again for having this great contest, I can't wait to attend : )

  2. I definitely need these tips this week! thanks girl!