Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mindful Mirror Viewing

by: Stephanie Horton

Your mirror has a history. As we grow older, the atmosphere of our minds change as we view ourselves. In other words, looking in the mirror is not a static experience. It evolves and changes with age, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

At one point in your life, you may have been more forgiving and loving while looking in the mirror, while at other times, more judgmental and hostile. The only constant in mirror viewing is the person looking back, even if that person feels differently toward you each time.

When I was very young, looking in the mirror was exploratory. I would make goofy faces at myself and I would try and try to see my back even though I knew it was impossible without the aid of a second mirror. I practiced smiling, laughing, crying, etc. Then in adolescence, I was much more hostile toward myself...pulling back parts of my body to see what I would look like if they weren't there...tugging at my hair and loading it up with product to get it just perfect but never being satisfied. It was interesting then, to say the least, when I watched a 9 year old video of my friends and myself last night! Back then, the mirror was not a happy place for me. Yet, as I looked at Steph-circa-9-years-ago, I thought "wow, I looked pretty good back then (minus the less-than-great fashion sense!)" And so the saying goes, "if only I knew then what I know now..."

Luckily, my present mindset while looking in the mirror has finally become peaceful. If I like what I see then great! If not, then I think "oops, had a little too much fun, should probably work out a little harder this week and increase my fruit and veggie intake back to acceptable ranges." But I never EVER feel devastation or remorse....unlike when I was in my teenage years. This is a great place to be with the mirror, and I am determined to keep it progressive.

As we get older, life gets busier, so looking in the mirror is usually just something we do before we leave the house to make sure hair is in place and that we didn't forget to put something on. But if you look in the mirror today, like really look, pay attention to your emotions. What do you feel? Anything? Nothing? It's interesting to see yourself and realize that you are actually there...a person who other people see and think about the same way you see and think about others.

Guiltless challenge: Every day this week, look in the mirror and pick one thing you love about yourself. Try really hard not to criticize yourself! But if you do, make a mental note and the next day, try again. Write it down in the following format:
Day 1: I love my eyes.
Day 2: I love my nose.
And so forth...

After 7 days of this, write to us at with your 7 days of self-love. If it's ok with you, we'd love to share it! (Your name doesn't have to be revealed if you don't want). I'll do the same thing, and next week on Wednesday, I will share my 7 days with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Be well, and enjoy the day!

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  1. Today is National Love Your Body Day, so this is perfect! and it's end fat talk week-can you feel the love???
    today I love my shoulders. and I will keep them standing tall and proud to show my love. (no more crouching at my computer today!)