Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be beautiful and also, buy this Big Mac

Hello, friends. I hope you are all doing well and feeling good!

A few things to touch on today...

First a little story: Earlier this week, I was driving from one place to another and decided to count the number of times an advertisement told me to eat something (both visual and audio). Thirty-three. In three miles. Then I went home and decided to count how many times I was prompted by my reading materials, ads, and TV programs to be unrealistically thin. I stopped at 40, because it was getting to be pretty obvious what was going on: a whole lot of contradiction.

I wondered to myself, "Where are the ads that tell me to accept myself? And where are the messages that encourage me to eat healthfully simply because it's good for me, not because it will make me skinny ?" And the answer was clear: no where in close viscininty, that's for sure!

Why yes, yes I do! Here's the Photo Credit

That's why I would like to use this opporunity to applaud the American Medical Association for one of its latest announcements. On June 21, 2011, The American Medical Association voted at its annual meeting to support the ad-industry in discouraging unrealistic, hurtful, harmful body images in advertising. Yes, thank you!!! Read this article about the great news. "The AMA's policy encourages ad associations to work with public and private health groups to develop guidelines deterring ads Photoshopped beyond reality, especially in publications oriented toward teenagers. "

It's not going to solve the problem overnight, but it sure is a step in the right direction!

See any great ads lately? Please share here!

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