Monday, October 4, 2010

In a Guiltless Fashion

beauty and grace

"You can't separate fashion from the world. Fashion is the way we live. Dress designers lent me textures, shapes and patterns that become the ally of my true work, which was always about women-what was going on beneath their clothes, beneath the hats.
In their heads."
-Richard Avedon, World Renowned fashion photographer
Fashion. I love it, I appreciate it. While gym clothes may be my standard attire I live for nights to get dressed up in. Attending a Fashion Week AfterParty and being surrounded by beautiful people in beautiful dresses, suits and get-ups thrills and inspires me.

Unfortunately fashion also promotes negative self esteem. When normal women compare themselves to size 00 models, we rarely come up on top. Yes, those supermodels are gorgeous, but they are also a ridiculous basis for comparison. The average woman is not a living hanging rack, and sadly, often feels less because of this. I am by no means bashing models, remember, they are people too, but instead I would love for us ALL to let our radiance shine through and cease this comparison battle.

I fully support a renewed banning of airbrushing and makeup, highlighting the true beauty behind the veil of editing and professional artists.
gorgeous without makeup
And then places like Urban Outfitters advocate "eat Less"

Digusting, wrong, appaling.
I'd much rather see this
Free People "You are Beautiful"

You are Beautiful. Let your grace and wonder inspire whether you are flat-chested, have hips, curvy, straight, slender, athletic. Be confident in your beauty and the world will notice.

So kick up your new heels.
Wear that dress more than once.
Be confident and you will radiate even more than your sparkly new top.
Celebrate Make Up Free Monday!
Tell yourself you are beautiful!
Because you are.
Do you compare yourself to the unrealistic images and messages the fashion industry promotes? how can we appreciate fashion but also find love for ourselves, and our bodies?


  1. Elizabeth---I'm so impressed with your wisdom and courage to explore this message.

    Do you know about the movement "show real bodies"----or something like that? Has a similar message that you are exploring.

    Keep on!

    Melissa Lockman

  2. ok know how I feel about fashion. I was appalled when I saw the "Eat Less" T-shirt when it came out. This is the exact message we have been working to eliminate for so long, and then Urban Outfitters has to go and get all "hate yourself" on us.

    Fashion is an expression of self. If you're feeling cozy one day, you can throw on an oversized plush sweater and leggings...feeling sexy the next, show a little skin. To me, fashion is a window into just how guiltless and self-appreciative we can be.