Monday, June 4, 2012

Inadequate Monster

have you met the inadequate monster? or maybe his sister the imperfect demon? the can surprise you in moments when you thought you were pretty confident. or sometimes they lurk for days, weeks, months, years. Telling you you're not good enough. That no matter what you do you're still a failure.

Banishing your inadequate monster and imperfect demons isn't an easy task. Unfortunately heavy swords, garlic cloves don't work well, and a prince in shining armor won't get very far. Because even when you've found that prince, those monsters can still find you. 

What can you use to fight these monster? I've found mantras help a lot. (need some ideas-go here) It's like your spell to keep those demons away. 10 deep breaths always help. In every situation. Sitting with the feeling and exploring why it's there, and what past events may have triggered it, is a good first step in telling it to leave you alone. Because you need to protect yourself. To get on with your life and leave those demons slayed behind you.

Best of luck in your battle! What will your sword be?

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