Monday, June 25, 2012

Body-Positive Social Media

  Yes you can read the headlines that scream Facebook Breeds Narcissism or maybe those are the Twitter users. And thinspo/fitspo will always plague blogs, pinterest, instagram and tumblr. 

However, we Guiltless Gals believe that we can use the power of social media for good and not evil and work to make add some body positive conversation to those social networks on a daily basis. We're tweeting, facebooking and pinning to change the world-right? Media can shape our life, so we have to create the media that does that in a healthy way. And we'd love for you to join the conversation!

  • Pin Self-Esteem boosting quotes and inspirational images instead of thinspo/fitspo
  • Don't tweet yourself down. Celebrate your achievements, congratulate other people, but leave the body hating at home.  
  • Share links to body-positive websites/blogs on Facebook instead of using it as a tool to compare yourself to others. 
  • Feel like you lack content? Retweet others' posts, share things on facebook and pin away! Or how about tweeting an affirmation a day?
  • Share beautiful notes on your social networks
What ways do you stay body positive on the internet?

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