Monday, December 5, 2011

Guiltless Recommends: Body Image Advent Calender

Ah tis the season! Time to put the holiday decorations up, reconvene with family and friends, and for some of us, feel a lot of guilt about who we are/aren't seeing and what we are/aren't eating.

Which is why I was so thrilled to see this Body Image "Advent Calender" Starting on December 1st Nick and Sarah-two body image actists in Britain started a tumblr where they will be talking about different body image topics from now to Christmas. They are hitting the streets to get videos of the public’s opinion as well as taking submissions on their blogs. The videos so far have been excellent. Nick is one of the people behind Men Get Eating Disorders Too, the only charity worldwide representing men and eating disorders. Sarah works for Body Gossip, a campaign that we have recommended in the past.

Want a sneak preview of the topics we have to look forward to? Look no further and join in the converation!

  • 5th A girl’s perspective
  • 6th Fad diets, would you?
  • 7th Fat Talk- how does it affect you?
  • 8th How does fashion fit into body image?
  • 9th Your body growing up- what was it like in school?
  • 10th Pregnancy
  • 11th Your perception of eating disorders
  • 12th Scars? an eyesore or a story?
  • 13th Older people, do you think about your body image?
  • 14th Plastic surgery- are you for or against?
  • 15th How would you define beauty?
  • 16th Bad Hair Day! How important is your hair to you?
  • 17th Sport- is there more pressure?
  • 18th Piercing and tattoo’s- love, hate or regret the day? Would you have them?
  • 19th Advertising- is it too much?
  • 20th Ethnicity- different ideals?
  • 21st Disability- how does it change your outlook on beauty?
  • 22nd Teens- Body image hell, or learning to love it?
  • 23rd All I want for Christmas… If you could see one thing changed what would it be?
  • 24th Nick and Sarah talk about their December adventure!
For what better gift can you give yourself this holiday season than a positive body image? Join in the conversation at Body Image Advent Calender

What sites would you recommend to us? What do you think of a body image advent calender?

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