Monday, November 7, 2011

Guiltless Recommends: Daily Muse

Being a twenty-something I feel like I soak up advice like a sponge. Everyone has opinions and wise words, and I bathe in it, taking what I need, discarding what I don't. I stumbled upon the website Daily Muse this weekend and love it's mission: to bring ambitious Gen Y woman, smart, practical, and inspirational advice career and life advice, from women who have been there. Who have had big, crazy dreams—and achieved them. Who saw the glass ceiling—and crushed it. An amazing line-up of role models contributes their two cents and there is plenty we can all take away. For example:
  • Joyce Kulhawik Arts & Entertainment Critic: "This I tell myself now, to love and have faith in ourselves; this is the source of our energy, our joy, and our real power—and will lead us to speak in our true voices to the world." “Love Yourself—Powerfully
Want more style, beauty, money career, and life guidance? Definitely check out Daily Muse!

What is your muse today?

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