Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Find Freedom in Food

In a world with a media landscape saturated with messages that attempt to define "sexy" by one's weight, it's no wonder I often hear people blaming food for their perceived shortcomings.

Everyone has an idea of what the "magic food" or the "one thing to avoid" is when it comes to achieving their ideal body. Making responsible decisions when choosing one's meal is certainly an essential part to maintaining a healthy body, but food is not the enemy nor the cure. It's the friend that helps guide you along the way. And at risk of sounding like another talking head, I will say this: The key to feeling your best, to looking your best, and to performing your best is all about the confidence you have in your own abilities.

There is freedom in the relationship you have with food, and it exists in the relationship you have with yourself. Food replenishes you, gets your blood flowing, feeds your brain the brilliant ideas you have every day. It gives you the strength to breath, to move, to love. It gives you life.

Setting realistic goals while truly believing in yourself will make your life-long journey toward health much more enjoyable! Don't beat yourself up on the days when you need a nap or perhaps want to indulge in your favorite treat. And celebrate the times when you choose nutrient-rich foods. These are experiences of life. The body and mind are your tools to fully experience everything life has to offer. You deserve to love them both, come rain or come shine.

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