Monday, May 16, 2011

Growin Up

I've said it before, but I am very lucky to grow up in a home where we were always beautiful. Where my mother wasn't on a diet, where weight wasn't emphasized, where our brains were praised before our pretty faces.

But I think it gets hard to grow up every single year. The world young girls and boys are growing up in now is one loaded with self-esteem landmines, where "perfect" is more important than ever.

I don't pretend to understand the ins-and-outs of parenting, and I completely sympathize that is not an easy task.

But is Sketcher's Shape-Ups for 7 years olds a great idea?

Let's start that food guilt and fat talk really early! And totally ignoring the fact that studies have shown that "Shape-Up"/Toning shoes don't work. oh and let's also ignore the fact that apparently Boys don't need them, Girls only. Absolutely outrageous. (don't worry a petition has already been started to pull this item. You should sign it too)

If you want to vomit, watch this news special on a Pageant-Mother who gives botox injections to her 8-year old daughter. Because dimples are simply unacceptable when you look in the mirror. I almost started bawling when I realized this little girl can never again frown or smile.

We need less Sexy Troll dolls, and more Girls on the Run.

We need less kid's push-up bras and more BodiMojo

It's a scary world out there for pre-teen and teenagers, what can we do to make the world a little bit of a better place for them to grow up in? I'd love to hear your ideas!! also what ridiculous things have you seen marketing to kids lately?


  1. I just get sadder and sadder for the world. I thought Shape Ups for adults were already insane and harmful (both physically and mentally) and now they are for KIDS? It actually never crossed my mind that these shoes are only available to women, duh. Lately, this just isn't a world I would want to bring a child into. I don't know how it's possible as a parent to really protect them (without overprotecting) and still foster healthy self-esteem.

  2. AMEN sister! There needs to be much, much closer supervision of marketing to children. Things are seriously getting out of hand. Something to think about if you're ever so inspired to begin a foundation of some sort...something like "PeopleAgainstDisgustingMarketingToKids.Org..." or something like that...

  3. There should be an organization where the people who market to these kids can grab a coffee/tea with an RD and talk about it. Gotta let them know what's up with their messaging. Maybe give them a hug.