Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 ways to bring a little joy into your life...

Ten things to do when you're feeling down to pick yourself back up! These things cost little to nothing, but they can make all the difference...

1.) Turn on your favorite song and dance it out.
2.) Call up your best friend and talk about one of your favorite memories.
3.) Hit the grocery store and make your favorite homemade soup.
4.) Take a time out and go to that yoga class you've been wondering about.
5.) Indulge in guilty(less)-pleasure reading (celebrity news junkies? I'm talking to you!)
6.) Call someone you love and tell them why you appreciate them.
7.) Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself.
8.) Read some of your old writing. Maybe you will rediscover an old topic that you still love!
9.) Reorganize your closet and put on your own fashion show with clothes you haven't worn in a while! Donate whatever you no longer want.
10.) Walk to your favorite coffee shop and get the most delicious cup of coffee or tea you can think of.

It's easy to get lost in feeling lost. Keep these ten things nearby for times when you might need a little boost!

Be Guiltless, and enjoy the day!

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