Monday, September 13, 2010

Girls on the Run

There are so many reasons I love the world of twitter and blogging. From fresh ideas to constant inspiration, the cup runneth over. I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and I saw a link about Girls on the Run. What’s this I wondered? When I digged deeper to discover this fantastic organization it was like, once again, everything in the universe was just perfectly aligning. Just a few weeks ago, on a run (of course), I was thinking about what a positive impact running has made in my life, and on my body image. And this lead to me wondering how I could share this love, and inspire other people through my running. “Wouldn’t it be awesome”

I thought, "if we could empower younger girls, before negative body image gets in the way, how wonderful moving your body feels? That you don’t have to be a competitive track star to get outside for a jog, and that the imperfections about running are what make it perfect?" Well, Molly Barker beat me to it, and this is already happening across the country through a fabulous organization called Girls on the Run.

So what exactly is Girls on the Run? It is a program for girls in 3rd through 5th grade whose mission is to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. This is achieved through two meetings a week for 12 weeks, culminating in a 5K. Not only is this a workout and training program, but the lessons encompass everything from getting to know themselves, team building, and community service. Evaluations of the program have shown statistically significant improvements in body image, eating attitudes and self-esteem. The participants leave the program with an improved sense of identity and increasingly active lifestyle. Not only are the girls getting fit, they are feeling more confident about themselves, and improving their self-esteem. Win-Win!!

These programs are throughout the USA, you can find the one closest to you here. A program just started in Suffolk County out of the Hill House. They are starting small but I am hoping to join them at Walter’s Run, here in Boston, December 12th 5K

SoleMates- an adult runner, male or female can choose any race, anywhere, and raise $262 to go to the GOTR program of your choice. You can sign up here This is a very manageable fundraising goal and you know it's going to a great cause!

Health comes from the inside out-let's show young girls this at a young age!

Growing up did you have positive role models to show you what true beauty was? How has this shaped your life?


  1. This program is amazing! Exactly what I was shooting for in my post last week on building the self esteem of the children/teens in our lives. What a great way to motivate young ladies to appreciate themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so excited to hear about your love for Girls on the Run! I love GOTR so much and can so relate to the "wouldn't it be awesome..." I wish that I had a program like this as a young girl. I've been raising money through SoleMates and am pumped to run the race in October to support thousands of girls develop healthy habits and build self-esteem!

  3. Looking back on my childhood, I WISH someone had taught me to love exercise back when all kids love being active. No one taught me about good food choices or why it is important to exercise. Like anything else in life, these lessons are easier learned young before bad habits develop. When my daughter was born, I vowed to teach her a healthier lifestyle. GOTR has been so good for her! She tends to be a little shy and this allows other little girls to take advantage of her sweet nature. The past year, I have noticed a huge improvement in her self esteem and she has found her voice! And what an added bonus that she loves to run now!!