Monday, May 23, 2011

Think Thin

RD Sarah Butler dropped this little bar called Think Thin landed on my desk the other week and asked me what i thought. ThinkThin bar promising "deliciously natural weight management"- a gluten free, high protein bar with 0g of sugar. Turning it over to read the ingredients label on this "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" bar I counted 38 ingredients, 4 different types of soy, malitol (a sugar alcohol that cases gastrointestinal distress for most people) and not a single mention of strawberries. It must be hidden in that "natural flavor" part.....The sample serving size looked anything but satiating

Can you have you cake and eat it too? Yes I may have a blog called Don't White Sugar Coat It, but I truly believe you can enjoy your favorite desserts and indulgences in moderation. It's a lot easier too thoroughly enjoy a bite of something real, delicious, homemade, than to try to find a substitute, that's loaded with refined and processed protein, and supplements. Want "deliciously natural weight management"? Reach for a piece of fruit, and add some more veggies to your day. There's a lot to be said for real food and that satisfaction that can be garnered from that.
I highly doubt this bar will make you thin, not matter how much you think about it. The only way to have sustainable life-long weight loss and maintenance is through an overall healthy diet and exercise, that includes balance, and yes maybe even a cookie or two. And even if by some total miracle it did make you thin, would you be better person? Would you have more friends? Would you save the world?

Why is it that we lust after thinness so much, that we buy into weight loss scams, hoaxes, and snake oils? That we fill our bodies with "weight-loss" junk food, and ban away all healthy fruit, starches, nuts and seeds, because oh they're too high in sugar/carbs/fat?

I don't know the answer, but I'm hoping to open up some eyes.

What is the most ridiculous weight loss claim you have heard lately?

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  1. Great post Elizabeth! I recently wrote a post that was about a weight loss claim that personal trainers are using The trainer told two people I know to quit eating fruit after 2 PM because it was causing weight issues... What the heck? I'm with you that whole foods and real, satisfying treats are a much better approach to healthy living.