Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you satisfied in bed?

I had a very interesting conversation this past weekend about the importance of being satisfied in bed. No, not sexually. Get your minds out of the gutter! I'm talking sheets, pillows, down comforters, shams, thread counts, etc, etc. "Why in the world is she talking about bedding on a blog about self-love, positive body image, and self-appreciation," you may be wondering. Read on and you will understand.

For a very long time, I neglected my bed. I was going through a rather hard time in my life, so the comfort of my bed was literally the last thing on my mind. My sheets didn't really fit the mattress, my single pillow was pretty old, my comforter cover had missing buttons, and making the bed consisted of pulling the comforter up far enough so the messy sheets underneath were hidden. I would often fall asleep on the couch, but if I happened to make it to the bedroom, I'd often wake up in the morning on the actual mattress because the sheets had popped off at some point during the night. It was no way to sleep, but at the time I didn't notice, or at least, I didn't care. What I didn't realize was that maybe it wasn't so much that I didn't care about the bed, but maybe it was a symbol of my own self-neglect.

This weekend, I was driving in the car with Richie as we discussed the importance of a comfortable bed. We talked about how he once was in the same boat as I was bed-wise: neglectful, somewhat careless about the appearance and tidiness of the bed, treating the bed as a place to just pass out at night, but not conscious of the comfort-level. It just so happens that he was also going through a rough spot in life. And then one day when he was actively trying to improve himself and his life, he realized that it was time for a bed upgrade. He saw this as a form of self-love - investing in extremely comfortable bedding was a way to make his alone time and sleep time at night special - a treat for himself - a practice of self love. I never thought of it like this before! But it makes perfect sense! To Richie, upgrading his bed was just one step toward making himself a happier person, but it was an incredibly important step.

I've known Richie my whole life, but when we reconnected as adults, he noticed the disarray and discomfort of my bed. Of course, being a perfect gentlemen, he did not mention anything about it. But he did take action and soon became my bed fixer-upper. He covered it in white Egyptian cotton with down comforters, plush pillows and sheets that fit the feather-bed covered mattress. It's clean and made every morning, and it is the most comfortable bed I've ever had. Once my bed had its makeover, I started to realize how long I neglected it. I felt, and still feel, so much gratitude for Richie for coming into my life and fixing that bed - or maybe, more symbolically, encouraging me to fix other things in my own life in order to make me happier.

Rich and I knew each other as kids, and it really hit me when he said to me in that car, "I was surprised that your bed was like that when we reconnected, because as a kid, your bed was always so awesome." He was right. I was due for a bed-makeover just as I was long overdue for a little self appreciation. And again, it was only one step in that direction, but it was a step that opened my eyes to how important it is to create your own peaceful atmosphere when ending or beginning the day.

Your bed is a place where you seek rest, peace, and rejuvenation. It's the place where you do a lot of intense thinking and soul searching. It's where you will start each day and end each night. When you think about it this way, the bed seems like the most important location in your life! And as I learned over the weekend, it's a great place to start when it comes to self appreciation. Saving up and investing in your favorite bedding is truly investing in yourself. Call me crazy, but this is the first time I've ever made this connection. It marks the beginning of a very comfortable future with many restful nights, happy mornings, and self-love.

What is your bed like? Do you see this as a symbol of how you treat yourself? Is it time for an upgrade? Your thoughts are always appreciated!


  1. This makes so much sense to me. I never really worried about my bed until I was sleeping with other people. I need to remember to take the time to pamper myself,and not just make my bed appealing because others might sleep in it!

  2. This has always been so important to me. I LOVE a nice fluffy down comforter, soft sheets, tons of pillows, all in soothing colors. It does make such a big difference!!

  3. This is so true; never thought of it like that. My bed is very bare. It's time for an upgrade...damn.