Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's keep the conversation rolling...

On Monday, Elizabeth wrote about a common misconception that guilt can lead as a motivator to eat well and exercise. As we discussed, there are countless other reasons to treat your body well: increased energy, long term health benefits, short term benefits like feeling more confident and put-together, and let's not forget, exercise and eating well have been shown to have sexual benefits as well. So in order to keep us on track with the right reasons to treat ourselves with respect and appreciation, I've created a little vow for us all to fill out and keep as a reminder to ourselves when stress and guilt start to creep into our lives:

I _______, vow to ban guilt from my exercise schedule and daily meals. I promise to myself that I will be proud of my accomplishments, and I will base my goals on things that make me feel energetic and beautiful rather than on reasons why I will be less-than-perfect if I don't achieve them. These are my three goals for my own well-being when it comes to exercise and eating well:


Mine are as follows:
1. I will run outside in the beautiful weather and challenge myself both mentally and physically by pushing myself a little further than I did the week before.
2. I will exercise my creativity in cooking with new fresh, healthy, easy-to-cook recipes that make me feel connected to the food I'm eating.
3. I will allow myself to take breaks when I am mentally or physically drained, because this will allow my body to heal and my mind to clear. I will not feel bad about it.

We'd love to hear your goals if you'd care to share!

Thank you. Be well, and enjoy the day!

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  1. Here are my goals:

    1. I will continue eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but I will allow myself to snack on chocolate and other sweets when I desire a treat. (ALERT: major sweet tooth)

    2. Exercising will be less of a chore and more of a passion this year. I will use the nice weather to incorporate outdoor activities that I love into my overall exercise regimen, such as basketball and stickball.

    3. I will enjoy as much barbeque as I possibly can during this wonderful summer because I absolutely love food off the grille, and there is only a small window each year to enjoy BBQ meat in all of its glory.

    In conjunction with this goal I will try different variations of beloved BBQ classics, even if it’s only in the form of healthier sides. Another potential change could be snacking on fresh fruit and/or veggies while manning the grille rather than on chips, etc. BUT... if I do feel like having some amazing kettle-cooked BBQ chips while I wait for steaks to finish, then I will remain completely, unapologetically GUILTLESS.

    Keep up the great work Steph and Elizabeth. The latest posts have been exceptional!