Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comic Relief

Body Image can be a pretty heavy subject. Day in and day out, most of us strive to be our best yet come down on ourselves hard if we don't achieve one or more of our goals (which are often rather intense or unrealistic). We've used Guiltless each week to explore this cycle and to share our ideas on how to break it and get to the point where we are truly happy with who we are.

With that being said, today I need some comic relief. Check out some of these clips/photos (disclaimer: some of them may be a bit graphic or offensive, but most comedy is!) Hope these make you chuckle...

The first is a scene from The Office. The whole episode is pretty incredible, so I recommend watching the whole thing when you have the chance!

Clip Credit: Richard William Ferrari

Next: Rosie O'Donnell's awesome monologue from "Beautiful Girls..."

The next clip is about a seemingly harmless alien who feels insecure about his looks....

Oh, Gorgon! You may be green and lack a chin, but you are quite the powerful alien.

Ok that's all for today!

What are your thoughts this week?


  1. The best way I can sum up my feelings: it is healthy and sometimes necessary to sit back and laugh at society’s irrational, superficial standards regarding body image and health. I know, and agree, that it is important to make conscious choices about eating, living and exercising. But some days nothing is better for the body and soul than a good laugh! Thanks for the couple minutes of "guiltless" fun today with these 3 great clips.

  2. Love this! Thanks for a light-hearted, fun post : )