Monday, August 13, 2012


While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence - which, I believe, does make the woman.
Mary Kay Ashe

The fashion industry gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to body image and self esteem. It's understandable that the use of very thin models, sample sizes that are unrealistic, and clothes that are designed to only fit a hanger would not be the most confidence boosting machine. But there is a lot to be said for the positive aspects of a dress that fits just right, shoes that make you smile, and that statement necklace that brightens up the room (after your smile of course!) So here's to making Fashion work for you, NOT against you!
  •  Make a statement! Whether it's a bold necklace, a bright pair of shoes to contrast a gray outfit, or a graphic tee, let your clothes be an expression of you!
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  • Disregard Size and Make sure it Fits! If it takes cutting out the tag, so be it. What's most important is that you Look AND Feel comfortable. The rest of the world can tell when you can hardly breathe from your corset
  • Shake it up! Don't stick to all black because that's what you're used to. Start by adding 1 neon to your wardrobe
  • Buy Lovely Undies- just for yourself. So that you feel comfortable and sexy. all day.
  • Accesorize!  Treat yourself to pieces that look good. INdulge!
How do YOU stay body positive and fashionable at the same time?

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