Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Say No

Last night, I cried over a Dr. Oz episode. No, seriously. The episode was about women struggling with anorexia and also the pro-ana movement. Pro-ana websites are "thinspiration" websites that encourage women to "strive for perfection" through the "anorexic lifestyle." I'm sorry - I know that last sentence probably just made you lose your lunch.

Dr. Oz invited several people onto his show to discuss the horrors of this movement. I will admit, I couldn't watch the whole thing. But I did watch the segment when he interviewed the creator of one of the most widely read pro-ana websites out there called, James Watson. On the show, Dr. Oz invited women who are in a deadly battle with anorexia to talk about their heartbreaking stories in front of James. When asked if their stories caused him any regret, he said "No." I watched in disbelief. How can this man - with zero background in healthcare - sit in front of a national audience and admit that he is behind the pro-ana movement and stands by it? I have absolutely no capacity to understand this behavior.

I could go on and on about how gut-wrenching this episode is, but I figure I will let you see for yourself. Click here to watch Dr. Oz interview people involved in the pro-ana movement. And keep your tissues handy.

As one woman on the show put it, once the thoughts gets into your head, you are immediately at risk of being anorexic. She believes that this characteristic of the disease alone is proof that Watson is "signing death certificates."

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You are beautiful. You are worth it. You deserve happiness.

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