Monday, March 19, 2012

Guiltless Recommends: Curvy Can

Not only do the Italians enjoy plenty of pasta and wine but they have a fantastic group of "ex size 0 models" who have teamed together to spread some self-love around a country known for love.
Curvy Can started in 2010 and has been featured in numerous Italian publications-including Vogue. I love some of these quotes this beautiful women have to share with other beautiful women:

"Love Yourself because each tiny imperfection can be a strong point that makes us unique and special." Aija Barzdina
"We women, with our different colours, shapes and scents, the essence of our being, should love ourselves and who we are... It’s only in this way we’ll be free, alive and happy!" Marina Ferrari

"Take care of yourself and love yourself, respect yourself and try to accept yourself with your emotions and your feelings. Love yourself as your are...simply special and unique!" Valentina Fogliani
Vogue Italia is also embracing their curves-with a regular "Curvy Blog" Can you imagine a major US fashion magazine doing the same thing? I was so glad to see someone setting a great example-if it is across the Atlantic

What do you think of Curvy Can? Is it a step in the right direction? When will we see this in American Vogue?

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