Monday, January 16, 2012


Yes or No?

Ok I admit it. I'm a people-pleaser and have a much easier time saying yes than no. Combine that with some of my perfectionist tendencies and you'd think I'd be a total wreck. But I like to think I keep to together most of the time, and it's only because as I've gotten older I've learned to say no. To say no to the things, people and places in my life that don't push me to a better place, that don't improve my life, that aren't worth the effort. By reassuring myself that it's ok to say no. And be Guiltless about it. because there is a time for every Yes, and every No.

I just loved this 3 pearls of wisdom from 40:20 vision that I couldn't NOT share them!

To be able to say no without guilt.


To learn how not to take no for an answer.


To know when not to say no. Take some risks and embrace a little fear into your life.

Yes or No? and When?

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