Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find your Pearls

By: Stephanie Horton

Many moons ago, Elizabeth wrote about Matt Demer's Pearl Photoseries. It wasn't long after that before we so happily accepted his gracious invitation to join him on this endeavor.

During our photo shoot, Matt brought out something in me that I write about every week: confidence, comfort in my own skin, and inner beauty. I don't think I have to remind you how much easier this is said than done.

His camera, his creativity, his vision: Wow. He had me at "Let the pearls represent what's going on in your life right now."

Maybe it was the fantastic playlist, maybe it was Matt's moving story leading up to the actual photoshoot - Whatever it was, it was an experience I will never forget. I walked out of it feeling like a strong, confident, fun & exciting woman. And I saw Elizabeth for the graceful, strong spirited, ambitious beauty that she is.

When I first looked at these photos last night, which is now months after the actual shoot, my initial reaction was to critique. "Ok, which picture flatters me most, or more importantly, which photos are the least flattering..." But then as soon as I clicked on the first picture, the expression in my own eyes reminded me of something REALLY important:

This photoseries, much like this life, is not about showing others your most flattering moments or showcasing your strengths. It's not about hiding your flaws or covering up your weaknesses. It's about celebrating who you are, how you experience life, and where you plan to be.

A HUGE applause to my good friend Matt for bringing so much joy into this world with the click of a camera.