Monday, July 25, 2011

Slow Down, you crazy child!

"Wow, you eat really fast don't you?"

I glanced up from my meal with my roommate, looked down, and replied "yes, I guess I do. I need to work on that"

Cause that's what being Guiltless is about, right?

Acknowledging that no one is perfect and we all have things we could work on to make ourselves happier, healthier, and more satisfied.

My name is Elizabeth Jarrard and I am a speedy eater. I don't feel like I rush through my meal, but I definitely can eat at quite the clip. And as much as I advocate mindful, intuitive eating, it's also something I am working on myself.

So this week I'm challenging myself to slow down and make sure I am eating my meals with intent and mindfulness. How hungry am I? Am I full? Am I satisfied? What am I craving? Can I chew that 5 more times and savor every single nuance of flavor? This will be the week that I slow down. Maybe i'll love it, i know i'll learn something!

What things challenge you this week?

1 comment:

  1. Dearest roomie, The only reason that I mentioned you eat quickly is because I eat extremely fast myself. How did the challange go? It seems like you may have slowed down a bit. ;)