Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Tis the Season...... For marathon shopping sprees, traveling all over the world to see family and friends, and lots and lots of food-centered cheer.

To keep centered and the focus away from the food and the stress that may come with bigger feasts, fostering a gratitude practice is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks of course!

So join me now. Whip out a piece of paper. Open up a note on your iPhone. list what you're grateful for. right here. right now

 I am grateful for.....

  • A supportive family-no matter how many miles away they are
  • An amazing boyfriend, who is there when I succeed, and also when i fail and tears follow
  • Wonderful friends, friends whom i've known since the womb and friends i just met. Who pick up the phone, meet me for coffee, and share french fries with me.
  • Food. delicious. nourishing, energizing food. 

  • Boston. Love that dirty water. The people. the place. i leave. i come back. 

  • a strong body. That moves me through my day. puts up with stress. sleeps well and endures workouts.
  • the most loveable snuggly pup. and his step-sister- a sassy cat. 

  • work i love. that i get excited about every morning about the to do list that lies in front of me.
  • having a job. period.
  • sparkles and good music
  • netflix
  • my hair
  • pumpkin. everything. 
  • living close to an airport. where i don;t have to drive 6 hours to get away
  • WINTER! snow is coming! and with that skiing and warm fires
  • seasons
  • blogs, twitter facebook and instagram. so i can stay connected to you!

i recommend doing this on the regular. maybe it's every Monday night. or saturday morning. Journal it. Live it. Love it.

Have a Healthy, Happy Holiday!

PS.Here's another great post about learning to eat on Thanksgiving 

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