Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Guiltless Watch: Illusionists

I can't wait for the movie the Illusionists to be finished and just couldn't wait til it was actually released to share it with you! I've been following them on twitter (Great body-positive content) and love the entire concept!
The Illusionists is a documentary about the body as the “finest consumer object” and the pursuit of ideal beauty around the world. The preoccupation over physical beauty is as old as time; what is different today is the central role that the pursuit of the perfect body has taken: it has become our new religion. A beautiful body is seen today as key for personal and also, more importantly, economic success for both women and men. The fast-paced culture brought on by globalization and the new economy has created a new paradigm of self-making: individuals are increasingly pushed to re-invent themselves. The key anxiety of the 21st century is the fear of disposability. The beauty industry is constantly expanding and has now found two new targets: little girls and men. A revolution is under way in the perception that these two groups have of themselves. The Illusionists will explore these themes through the testimonies of sociologists, historians, advertising executives, magazine editors, scientists, and authors in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The movie not yet released but check out their blog and pinterest today!

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