Monday, September 19, 2011

Talking about Weight Stigma

Marci Anderson is an RD who specializes in eating disorder treatment whom I hold in very high respect. She's a wonderful person both as a friend and colleague. Once a month, she and other individuals interested in ending eating disorders gather on Twitter to talk about topics that relate to self-esteem, body image and food. This twitter chat is called #ended and it's a fantastic way to share your opinion and connect with others who want to make this a more body-positive world.

This Wednesday (September 21st at 8:30pm EST) @MarciRD and @BEDAorg will be addressing the topic of weight stigma.

You might be asking what exactly is weight stigma? Weight stigma is bullying, teasing, negative body language, harsh comments, discrimination, or prejudice based upon a person’s body size. Weight Stigma is something that shames and hurts many people (of all shapes and sizes) and it is time to spread an awareness of how harmful it is to all and talk about it.

About BEDA
Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) was founded to help those who have binge eating disorder, their friends and family, and those who treat the disorder. BEDA provides individuals who suffer from eating disorders with the recognition and resources they deserve to begin a safe journey toward a healthy recovery. To learn more about BEDA check out: Marci's website and blog are also fantastic-look at Marci RD

RSVP on Facebook and we hope you join in!

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