Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One year. No mirrors. Could you do it?

I read this article, which lead me to this blog, and I absolutely had to share it! Mirror, Mirror...OFF the Wall is a blog written by 28-year-old UCLA doctoral student Kjerstin Gruys who has taken a pledge to not look in a mirror or reflective window for A YEAR. Gruys is engaged to be married, and as many of us can relate, once she went from girlfriend to bride-to-be, a little voice inside her reared it's ugly body-critical comments from the depths. In order to combat these unhealthy thoughts, which we all have from time to time, Gruy's decided to stop looking in mirrors...all-together...for a year....INCLUDING her wedding day.

I love this idea. Could you go one day without looking in a mirror? How do you think this would influence your perception of yourself? Pretty neat!

Read the article and check out her blog and follow her on twitter and follow Gruys on her journey as she learns how a year without mirrors can change your body image and self-perception!

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