Friday, March 18, 2011

Guiltlessly Un-athletic: Guest Post by Carlene Helble

by Carlene Helble

Dance six days a week, play rugby in the evenings after classes, do conditioning on the weekends, and tennis when possible.

Oh wait, that’s not me.

I come from a family of athletes, where my sister is the dancer, and brother the rugby player. I meanwhile, have the flexibility of an arthritic giraffe, cannot dance, and while I love the competitive edge of rugby, with a very petite build, such a sport would be a poor choice to say the least. Sports have never been part of my personality and for a while I felt guilty. I felt that I should try and like feeling muscle pain and awkward body movement. Back tucks should be a piece of cake and walking into the living room to lift up the 70 pound black lab shouldn’t be an issue.

It took be years to realize that guilting myself for what my body wasn’t comfortable doing wouldn’t make me an athlete. In actuality, I was active, just not conventionally athletic. My body could run, hike for miles, learn to swing a golf club, row a canoe, whip egg whites like a pro, and give some pretty stellar hugs. I am now, guiltlessly not a conventionally athletic girl.

While you may have a family of basketball stars, if it’s not for you, don’t feel guilty. If your friends are all rock climbers, or your roommates like to marathon, if you would rather walk the neighborhood or go to a tango club, that’s right for you. Be guiltless in what you love for exercise and don’t sell your body short.

Be guiltless in the love of your chosen activity and love every part of you for what YOU can do.

To guiltless activity,

Carlene Helble


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  1. LOVE this! So true - we have to embrace who we are by not comparing ourselves to others. We are unique and perfect just the way we are <3

  2. Excellent post! Such a great angle on what it means to be guiltless. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  3. Carlene's brand is amazing; I anticipate lots of guiltless activity in dietetics for her.