Monday, August 16, 2010

Food is sexy


Food and sex are two of the most basic sources of pleasure. It was necesary for our predescors to both eat and reproduce so it's not suprising that we are hardwired to enjoy both immensely. In fact, have you ever noticed how we use similar words to describe both? Appetite, hunger, pleasure, temptation can either describe stomach rumblings or sexual lust. Just as we can fawn upon our loved ones with phrases like "my sweet", & "honey", a brioche can be coy, an chocolate can seduce even the most cold-hearted.

But in today's world, the roles of food and sex are more intertwined than ever. As we all search for the perfect body, we feel like we won't be sexy until we reach that perfect size 2. USA Today conducted a poll of 1000 people and found that half of women would rather go without sex for the summer than gain 10 pounds. A fourth of men feel the same way. About 66% of people say they need to lose weight to feel sexier than they currently do. It would take a loss of an average 23 pounds to feel hotter.

Well, my friends, I strongly believe that the Time is NOW. We need to reshape our relationship with ourselves and our bodies, and feel sexier Today. If we do not start to take care of ourselves, and feel sexy at the point we are at now, even when the weight is shed we will still struggle with self esteem.

Here are three Turn-ons:

Eating healthy is sexy What's good for your heart is good for your "parts". Make sure you include sources of Omega 3 Fatty acids (fish, flax, walnuts), and zinc (leafy greens) everyday, and stay away from saturated fat. A balanced diet, full of whole foods, with limited processed food will give you the most energy to pursue all sorts of adventures

Movement is Sexy Find a type of exercise that you love and stick to it! It doesn't have to be running or cycling, just find something that gets you off the couch and in the gym. Belly Dancing, Zumba, salsa, yoga, all are wonderful ways to reconnect with your body. and, ahem, we all know what a great workout you can get underneath the sheets.

Confidence is Sexy: Being confident and knowing your body is sexy. Confidence is incredibly powerful and alluring. When you are fine with who you are, right here, right now, and trust yourself, people are attracted to you.

There are also some things that will always be a turn-off:

  • Sneaking to your fridge is not sexy.
  • Moaning over how “fat” you are is not sexy
  • Critizing your thighs or hips is definitely not sexy
  • Processed foods loaded with transfat, added salt and sugar, and lists of ingredients with more words than a short novel are like the pornography of the food world. Treat yourself right and develop a relationship with real whole foods. Eating a strawberry is a lot sexier than consuming a artificially flavored strawberry go-gurt.

While an amazing foodgasm is something to be appreciated and longed for, food can not replace love, relationships and of course, sex. But the combination of great food, great self-esteem, and positive body image will lead you to feeling your sexiest!

Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. ~Gael Greene

When you do you feel sexiest? What do you see in the relationship between food and sex?

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